Investor FAQ

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  • G&K Services, Inc., founded in 1902 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a service-focused market leader of branded uniform and facility products and services programs. We deliver value to our customers by enhancing their image and brand and by promoting workplace safety, security, and cleanliness. We accomplish this by providing high-quality branded work apparel programs and a variety of facility products and services including floor mats, towels, mops, and restroom hygiene products. We have a team of 8,000 employees who operate from 160 locations. These locations serve customers in 96 of the top 100 metropolitan markets across the United States and Canada.
  • In 1902, we began as a small, family-owned dye house. G&K has since risen to become one of the market leaders of business apparel and facilities services. G&K went public in 1969 and has achieved significant revenue and earnings growth. Throughout the years, one thing has remained constant: our dedication to excellence in everything we do, including managing and growing the business for long-term financial strength.
  • We believe our addressable market in the United States is approximately $18.5 billion annually, based on company estimates and data from the U.S. Census Bureau. We estimate the market for uniform rental and related services is approximately $6.5 billion, the market for linen supply and facility services is approximately $7 billion, and the market for direct sale products is approximately $5 billion. We estimated the addressable market size in Canada is approximately $1 billion.
  • G&K Services’ common stock trades on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol GK.
  • Market capitalization changes as the stock price fluctuates. Market capitalization can be calculated by multiplying the number of fully diluted shares outstanding (see recent financial statements) by the stock price.
  • Contact a licensed broker to purchase G&K stock.
  • You may print and/or view a .pdf format annual report from the Annual Reports and Proxy section on this website. To obtain our SEC filings go to the SEC Filings button on this website. You may also contact G&K’s investor relations team for these items via the Request Information button located on this website or by contacting G&K investor relations.
  • You may contact a G&K investor relations representative by mail, phone, or email.

    Please contact:

    G&K Services, Inc.
    Investor Relations
    5995 Opus Parkway
    Minnetonka, MN 55343

    You may also use the Request Information button on this website.
  • The fiscal year ends on the Saturday closest to June 30th.
  • Quarterly earnings are generally released on the fifth Tuesday following the end of the quarter with the exception of fourth quarter. Earnings for the fourth quarter and year-end are typically released the seventh Tuesday after the close of the quarter. These dates are subject to change. Actual dates will be published via a press release, as well as on the Events and Presentations on this website. You may sign up for notification of events via our Email Alert button.
  • G&K's annual shareholder meeting is typically in early November and announced in the annual report and proxy statement.
  • G&K has historically paid a regular quarterly cash dividend upon declaration by the Board of Directors. A press release is issued upon declaration. G&K's Dividend History is available on this website.
  • We have a team of 8,000 employees who operate from 160 locations.